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This week’s guest: Rep. Rachael Hood (D-Grand Rapids), chair, Appropriations Environment, Great Lakes and Energy Subcommittee

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MDP Chair Lavora Barnes

It has been a big part of the work for both the Biden administration and the state Legislature: cleaning up messes left behind by the Trump administration, and a Republican state legislature that had turned a blind eye to many of the needs of Michigan families.

Our new Democratic Legislature has restored a pro-family, pro-worker agenda after decades of Republican-led legislatures that tilted the scales towards the wealthy. 

And now, our Legislature is working to make up for years of GOP neglect on the most important issue facing humanity: climate change. While Republicans are vowing to turn back the Biden administration’s pro-planet anti-climate change initiatives, Michigan Democrats are focused on contributing to solutions to save the planet. Although the solutions ultimately require the cooperation of every nation, there’s a lot one state can do as part of protecting the planet.

We’re joined on the podcast by a leader in the battle against climate change, Representative Rachel Hood (D-Grand Rapids), chair of the Appropriations Environment, Great Lakes and Energy Subcommittee.

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