The WØRD – “Comeback”


Governor Whitmer, flanked by Senate Majority Leader Winnie Brinks and Lt. Governor Garlin Gilchrist, delivers her State of the State message.

From the Chair

This was a good week for Michigan and the nation. For President Biden, an excellent week on two fronts:

First, a boisterous and enthusiastic endorsement from the United Auto Workers and its amazing president, Shawn Fain.

President Biden joined striking Michigan UAW members, while Trump chose to speak at a non-union auto supplier.

And, much to the consternation of Republicans, the economy continued to show that Bidenomics is working. The nation’s gross domestic product — the broadest measure of economic activity — grew at an annual pace of 3.3% in October, November, and December, according to a report Thursday from the Commerce Department.

It was a fitting end to a year of robust economic growth, defying projections that rising interest rates would tip the economy into recession. And it’s no surprise that Donald Trump immediately claimed that the numbers were fake, adding to his massive list of outrageous lies.

Michigan’s economic comeback got a boost from Governor Whitmer, who followed up 2023’s amazing legislative record with additional proposals to continue to restore Michigan’s economic dominance … an address focused on expanding educational opportunities, lowering the cost of living, responding to the crisis in affordable housing and continuing her efforts to Fix the Damn Roads.

We have expanded highlights from the Governor’s State of the State message on this podcast. For the full text of her speech, click HERE. To watch the speech, click HERE.

This week’s Trump Outrage: Trump’s efforts to derail immigration reform.

Matt Davis – Newsday

There’s no question that we have a big problem on our southern border, in large part because the law and the enforcement budget are woefully inadequate. There have been productive bipartisan talks that are closing in on a compromise solution which would strengthen border security … but Donald Trump is actively working to sabotage the compromise. Why? If there is progress on border enforcement, he will lose immigration as his top issue. Donald Trump is worried more about his own campaign than in what’s best for the nation.

Outrageous … but totally consistent with Trump’s priorities. It’s all about what’s best for him, not what’s best for the nation.

In the News

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