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State Representative Sharon McDonell (D-Troy)

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MDP Chair Lavora Barnes

While assorted Republicans are getting booked, arraigned, found liable for slander and generally spending millions on defense attorneys, Joe Biden and Gretchen Whitmer are talking about “what’s next.” For Biden – what’s next is a battle with pharmaceutical companies over prices; for Whitmer – an ambitious “families and workers first” agenda for a fall legislative session.

The first half of the year was historic: a legislative session that passed a dozen major laws, all of which contribute to a future Michigan that is more prosperous, works to protect our planet from the ravages of climate change and expands the individual rights of our citizens. Last week Governor Whitmer took the unprecedented step of laying out an agenda for the fall session to do even more – her “what’s next” agenda.

Legislative Republicans responded as expected: arguing for maintaining the status quo or even moving backwards.They called it a “left-wing, progressive” wish list; one Republican leader said taking steps to combat climate change would turn us into a “third world country” unable to compete for jobs.

The bottom line is Michigan Democrats have delivered historic results for our state and are not done fighting for our future. This legislative agenda is laser-focused on making Michiganders’ lives better, with or without Republicans who continue to fall down a rabbit hole of MAGA extremism. Whether it’s improving health care, fighting climate change, or growing the middle class, what Michigan Democrats are doing is unprecedented. Democrats’ work is setting the standard for the country while ensuring that everyone can make it in Michigan.

In Washington D.C., it’s the same story. While Republicans focus on defending the former President’s crimes, staging hyped-up investigations, and even talking about impeaching President Biden just for revenge, the President is locked in on a better future for Americans. 

Just this week he announced his latest effort on our behalf: taking on the powerful pharmaceutical industry by negotiating the price Medicare pays for life-saving prescription drugs. There is no justifiable reason Americans pay four times more for prescription drugs than is paid in Canada: the exact same pills, a much higher price.
Thanks to the Biden Inflation Reduction Act the price of insulin is being slashed to no more $35 a month. Now President Biden is expanding the ability of Medicare to negotiate drug prices to 10 more commonly used prescription drugs.

Joining the podcast this week: a Michigan legislator who is part of the new wave of self-described Suburban Moms who are a growing political force in Michigan and across the nation, Troy state Representative Sharon McDonell.

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